Monday, 1 December 2014

Haul: Smoky Not Smudgy 2014

So....onto the haul!
I have to say I find it a little puzzling that I only have two main purchases to share from SnS! It's always the case that when I empty my purse on a shopping splurge, I cannot pinpoint for the life of me what I actually bought. Well let me see...if you add everything up: a scarf, bottle of olive oil, jade bracelet, maxi cardigan, a crusty cupcake, biryani, sweeties and a calligraphy class, it does actually equate to a nice enough sum.

Before we decided to part with our cash, my chums and I made an executive decision to scour the entire bazar section of SnS meticulously in order to find the best picks of the day ( hey, no judging! We're students/recent graduates, we don't wanna be fobbed off!). I was constantly drawn to a sweet little stall selling beautiful silk bouquets, Cherry Blossom Bouquets, and had to resist the urge of actually buying my own little bouquet. Forget jilbabs, scarfs and sweets... its a bouquet that I actually want! The owner also sold handmade jewellery, Romeesa London, with semi-precious stones, and although I knew I could not possibly return home with a bridal bouquet in tow, the same couldn't be said about the jewellery pieces!

I selected a bracelet with a pretty red jade stone encased in filigree style pattern. Although the bracelet is very much a statement piece, it has a beautiful delicacy from the overlapping gold pattern. I love how you get hints of the red from the jade stone. I'm kind of going through a faze of collecting jewellery with precious (semi) gems, so I was thrilled when my friend discovered these pretty pieces. The customer service from the stall was great, and the owner was so lovely and kind enough to adjust the bracelet so that it would fit my wrist. The price is very reasonable, coming in at £12 and packaged in its very own Cadbury purple gift box complete with a luxurious ribbon. I will definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for further stunning pieces from Romeesa London. I believe they will be launching sterling silver and gold plated pieces in the future. Something definitely worth watching out for!

I also purchased a pretty ombre scarf from another stall. Ombre has been very much on-trend for a while now from ombre hair and cake to even eyebrows and lipstick! Hence, it was only natural that hijabs jump onto the bandwagon and embrace this ongoing trend. Throughout the bazar, there were no shortage of gorgeous ombre hijabs, but sadly all coming in at a heft price! My apologies, but no way am I going to pay close to a tenner for one scarf when I could buy 5! Upon our second round of scouring, I noticed some ombre scarfs with more reasonable price tags. I quickly snapped up a scarf with a summery blend of peach, blue and green, as the event was coming to a close.

I have to say I'm really impressed with this hijab; it's lightweight and gives plenty of coverage. And best of all it was only £3! It think it would look perfect in spring/summer; although that doesn't stop me from wearing it in bitter cold November.

So overall, Smoky not Smudgy certainty proved to be a nifty place to purchase some gorgeous gems. Although it did take a little scrounging around to find the best deals, it certainly was worthwhile! As for these treasures, they'll be heading straight to the treasurebox!

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