Sunday, 4 October 2015

Akeekah Party Shenanigans

Yesterday, I attended the Akeekah Party of my bestie's first-born! Me and the bestie go way the days of jelly shoes, Capri suns and Barbie dolls. We've known each other as kids and went to the same nursery and primary school. Even after my family moved away from our hometown when I was a teen, we managed to stay in contact and our friendship has gone from strength to strength since alhamdulilah. 

It was amazing and a little emotional celebrating the birth of her daughter in the same room that we had celebrated bestie's fifth birthday around two decades ago! Funny enough, we somehow ended up wearing the same colours that we had worn at our first party together! Talk about fate! 

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Localtrotting: Barton Hills, Bedfordshire

There's something really refreshing about being surrounded by sun and the great outdoors, and with the downpour of rain these last few days, it's time to look at the glorious rolling hills of England! 

With it being so easy to jet off to exotic locations these days, it's easy to dismiss the beautiful landscapes that are so close to home.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Globetrotting: Casablanca, Morocco

Let's pretend it hasn't been around 6 months since I last blogged (utterly shameful!) Well, what can I say? I got a job. Not really much of an excuse! So anyway, before I can think of another feeble excuse to pardon my extreme tardiness in blogging, let's take a trip back to Morocco to visit the ever-so charming city of Casablanca.

During our family vacation to Rabat, Morocco last year, we decided to make a day trip down south to Casablanca. Casablanca is probably one of the most well-known cities in Morocco. Well in my case, I knew of 'Casablanca' but not exactly of its location! It's one of those places like Timbuktu. Everyone knows of Timbuktu, but as soon as you ask the location...utter despair. So, prior to my trip to Rabat, I alluded Casablanca as one of those mythical places like Timbuktu, Madagascar, Atlantis etc.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Review: Moon Boutik- Marina Maxi Dress

Being a dedicated abaya gal, I rarely go for maxi dresses; although technically speaking abayas do kind of count as maxi dresses? Yes? No? Maybe? I always find it easier sticking with abayas, as you are guaranteed the perfect fit without having to fuss whether something is too clingy or transparent. However, a while ago, when I was shopping for holiday essentials,  I saw this gorgeous all in one top and skirt look by Moon Boutik and thought how fabulous it would look with some large oversized sunnies, a bright scarf and golden tan on holiday in sunny side Rabat.  

The dress consists of a stripey black and white top with an elasticated attached skirt, which is- available in 6 different colours. I have to admit I wasn't too keen on the whole elasticated waistband or the fact that the dress was only available in one for all size. Elasticated waistbands are great for cinching you in at the waist, but unfortunately the same effect is not always achieved elsewhere- aka upside down muffin tops. But admits these concerns, I decided to go for the standard black Marina dress, as holidaying in Rabat did not seem the same with an alternative.    


Monday, 5 January 2015

Globetrotting: Rabat, Morocco

Ahoy there!
Apologies for the long absence. No I haven't forgotten about blogging (ok so maybe I did)
Anyway, I'm back! And it only seems appropriate to reminiscent about sun drenched family holidays (sigh) while we enter the thick of the winter here in the UK.

In September of this year (ehem last year), I was fortunate enough to visit the capital of Morocco- Rabat for a a family holiday. Yes, I know you're thinking the same. Rabat, what's Rabat? Rabbits? NOO, Rabat! Isn't Marrakesh the capital? I'm afraid not. Not to worry, let's take a minutes to blame our geography teachers and tourist brochures for misleading us into thinking that the souk filled, vibrant city of Marrakesh was actually the capital. Shameful.