Monday, 17 August 2015

Globetrotting: Casablanca, Morocco

Let's pretend it hasn't been around 6 months since I last blogged (utterly shameful!) Well, what can I say? I got a job. Not really much of an excuse! So anyway, before I can think of another feeble excuse to pardon my extreme tardiness in blogging, let's take a trip back to Morocco to visit the ever-so charming city of Casablanca.

During our family vacation to Rabat, Morocco last year, we decided to make a day trip down south to Casablanca. Casablanca is probably one of the most well-known cities in Morocco. Well in my case, I knew of 'Casablanca' but not exactly of its location! It's one of those places like Timbuktu. Everyone knows of Timbuktu, but as soon as you ask the location...utter despair. So, prior to my trip to Rabat, I alluded Casablanca as one of those mythical places like Timbuktu, Madagascar, Atlantis etc.