Sunday, 13 March 2016

Review: Moon Boutik- Urban Chic Abaya

As much as I love loath wedding shopping. Or what I really mean to say, as much as my family: mum, grandma, aunts, bestie and all enjoy wedding shopping, I cherish the moments when I can enjoy everyday 'normal' shopping. Be it buying bread from Tescos or socks from Primark, normality is a relief when you're plunged into wedding frenzy!

So it's time out from wedding shenanigans and onto an abaya review!

 Following on from my Marina maxi dress purchase from Moon Boutik, I was curious as to what else the online shop stocked. I'm always on the lookout for a good everyday abaya that's smart enough for work but still casual enough for the weekend.

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Contemplations: "My worst enemy was living between my very own ears..."

My recent article for Sisters Magazine

When I graduated from uni in 2014, like many other graduates, I struggled to get into the job market, and this bought me really down. I wrote this article at the time to fully explore my attitudes and emotions and figure out how to turn this negative into a positive! Now it serves as a reminder whenever I think life is not going to plan!

Image from Sisters Magazine
I’ve always thought of failure as the biggest flaw in life. I saw a lack of success as breaking down your credibility and exposing you to the dark underbelly of misery. Yes, my perception of failure was extremely simplistic, to the point that failure to pass my first driving test resembled a funeral procession in my mind on the way home and a B in my mock GCSE’s resulted in a classroom meltdown. But having failed my 11 Plus (primary school exam) as a child, I always felt that I had to constantly prove myself, and any failure led me back to that dark time in my personal history, when I opened that brown envelope to reveal that I would not be joining my friends at grammar school.